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Friday, June 23, 2006

So, this blogging thing isn't going so well. I'd started this blog as an attempt to expose a different side of myself than I normally show, and that side appears to be either boring, or, well, non-existent. And here I was thinking I'd have all these great ideas. But I don't. In the meantime, I guess I'll just post a list of all the journals that I keep up with on a daily basis. Just a temporary roll call of things I'm into rightthisverysecond (in pseudo-weirdo order, because I have nicknames for all these people so I can remember the reason I added them to even begin with).

A Dress A Day
Better Butter
The Brown Dress Lady
Pea Soup
Home Grown
Lazy Cow
Badger's Other One
Vast Verandah
Mixed With Sugar
Mom's Daily Dose
Painting Chef
Christy in Alaska
Turkey Feathers
Elder Scrolls Oblivion
American in Paris
Mel's Other Blog
The Naked Ledger
Pine Curtain
Tiny Kingdom
Vegan Lunch Box
Useless Men
Want Not
Advice Smackdown

So there it is. If you notice you're on there, and wonder how I got to you, I could probably figure it out. But generally, it's either because a) I liked a comment you left on someone else's blog I read, and so read your journal in turn, b) a blog I read happened to post a link to yours and I followed it and liked it, or c) hell if I know. But let it be known that all of this nonsense started back last July when I found Marthas' site via a Livejournal link to a Theme-day blog listing, and then through her found Amalah, and through Amalah found Blackbird, and most of ya'll are here via Blackbirds' comment pages. This internet thing is quite twisty and turny, and you click a link or two and before you know it, you can't even remember how you got where you are. So click around, and get lost (but come back!).


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