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Monday, July 03, 2006

I just got back from seeing The Devil Wears Prada. By myself. Which is a huge deal for me.

I’ve never gone to a movie alone. The boyfriend went to see X-Men 3 for a second time, so I opted for Anne Hathaway. We were supposed to have seen X-Men with said friend last weekend, but we went with someone else. So the boyfriend took it upon himself to pretend that he hadn’t already seen it. I never get to see girlie movies, so I took this as an opportunity. It was such a thrilling experience. I know it may sound dumb to those of you who go see movies by yourself on a regular basis, but this was a whole new concept for me.

I actually focused on the movie the entire time, which is crazy considering I have diagnosed ADHD, and even more so considering I tend to fall asleep during movies at home. Normally, people sitting around me bother me, what with the crackling of candy wrappers, and the flipping open of cell phones (the light!! Ack!), but that didn’t happen at all tonight.

I put on a cute top (pink and black, of course ;)), painted my nails, spritzed some perfume, and we were out the door. I will admit there were a couple times I thought maybe I’d just see X-Men, but I’m so glad I didn’t. Noone walked past me without saying excuse me (I had an aisle seat), and there was room for me to get comfortable without being paranoid of people. I usually feel like people are scrutinizing my every move, but tonight I didn’t have a concern for them at all. It was me and my movie (oh, and my Junior Mints).

This is something I’ll definitely have to look into doing more often. :)

(Oh, and it gave me two new must-reads, of course ;))


  • At 5:05 PM, Blogger Lazy cow said…

    Good on you!
    I often go to the movies alone. It's fantastic. In fact I'm going to see "Inside Man" (with the delicious Clive Owen) at the local Art Deco cinema next week, by myself.

  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger blackbird said…

    I've never been to a movie alone -
    and this one would have been a good one...

    there was a woman sitting behind me and two seats over? who was chewing her gum so loud that I almost turned around to see HOW THE HELL she was doing it!

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